Helping you grow your business by making professional recruitment or consulting services more affordable for your customers. HirePay will pay you 100% of your fee within 24 hours, whilst enabling your clients to split their payments over 3 easy monthlyinstalments for a small monthly fee charged to your clients.
Key Benefits
Attract New Clients.
Who might otherwise be deterred by the cashflow impact of paying their recruitment fee in 7 days.
Increase Market Penetration.
Encourage existing clients to use your services more often.
Eliminate Haggling.
By reducing the focus on price and payment terms.
Simplify Credit Control.
Collections are entirely HirePay’s responsibility with no recourse on you.
Easy 3 Step Process
Step 1
Sign Up.
As a registered HirePay Recruitment Consultant
Step 2
Your existing clients (and prospects) that you are now accepting HirePay
Step 3
Include a link in every invoice you send out to provide your clients with access to the HirePay gateway
HirePay Users Say:
We were recently introduced to HirePay and offered their instalment payment option to a small number of clients as a test. It proved to be quick, simple and popular with our clients, so we quickly rolled it out and offer HirePay on all our invoices to all our clients. They also eliminated the problem of collections from a difficult client for us. I've recommended other agencies to HirePay and don't see anyone wouldn't offer it to clients- lots of benefits and no downside.
Adam Weraska, W Talent.
Further information
If you would like to discuss further before using HirePay to facilitate your next project or recruitment, please fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.