You get to attract more work and clients
You get to offer flexible payment terms to clients who would appreciate to hire now and pay later.
Your services become more affordable as your clients can spread the payment of the invoice over 4 months.
You get to access 100% of your invoice value in 24 hours of the invoice due date.
You help grow your customer’s business
Your customer can engage your services and repay over 4 monthly installments for a small monthly HirePay fee.
Application process is simple, with minimal documents required, and typically approved within the day.
Your customer can cancel any time, process only one invoice at a time and not be locked in.
3 Steps Process
Announce to your clients that you now offer flexible payment terms powered by HirePay.
Your customer creates an account here on HirePay and uploads an invoice.
You get paid 100% of your invoice value in 24 hours of invoice due date upon approval.
Download resources to help you share HirePay with your clients
Would you like to offer HirePay to your clients? This section contains brand assets and other resources to help you promote the use of HirePay.
Refer your clients to HirePay
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