HirePay unlocks capital for you and your clients making it easier to grow your business

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Business
Helping you grow your business by making professional recruitment or consulting services more affordable for your customers. HirePay will pay you 100% of your fee within 24 hours, whilst enabling your clients to split their payments over 6 easy monthly instalments*
Attract New Clients. Who might otherwise be deterred by the cashflow impact of paying their fee all at once.
Receive 100% funding of your invoices within 24 hours
100% Funding. Unlike factoring which typically provides upfront funding for up to 75% of your invoice value and leaves you to fund the balance for 30 – 60 days, HirePay100% will advance 100% of your total invoice value within 24 hours.1 Leaving you free and unencumbered to pursue the next contract
1 Our small fees of 1.5% per fortnight or 3% per month are deducted before your funds are advanced.
Further information
If you would like to discuss further before using HirePay to facilitate your next recruitment project, please fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.