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As “normal” business activity draws closer, HirePay is mindful of the added pressure this will put on your cash flow as you start incurring expenses in advance of collecting revenue.

To help you through this difficult start-up period, HirePay is pleased to make a 60 day Kick Start offer available to all current and new clients.

How it works

HirePay Kick Start will enable you to delay payment of your recruitment fee invoice to the end of the month plus 60 days, including your HirePay fee.

For example, if you receive an invoice on 22nd April from the recruiter for $20,000:

We will pay the Recruiter’s invoice in full by 23rd April
You (The employer) will not be required to pay anything until June 30, when you will pay the full amount + our small fees of 0.9%-2% per month (on a case by case basis).
Giving you (in this example) 67 days to get your cash flow running before our invoice is due for payment

We hope this makes it easier for you to move your business forward.

Further information
If you would like to discuss further before using HirePay to facilitate your next project or recruitment, please fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.