About HirePay

HirePay is a technology platform that solves cashflow issues associated with the hiring process.

Our innovative financial products make HirePay the easiest way to grow your business.

Our frictionless, transparent & affordable solutions enable:

  • Organisations to recruit their ideal talent through outstanding recruitment firms.
  • Professional recruiters and labour-hire companies to grow their businesses without being constrained by cashflow.

In the current business environment, the cash flow burden of paying professional recruitment fees is causing many businesses to try ‘’going it alone’’.

For the employer, the result is often a significant amount of wasted time, effort and some very substantial hidden costs associated with bad of sub-optimal hires. Whilst recruiters are forced to offer discounts to entice companies to engage their services. It’s a lose-lose situation for both parties.

HirePay was founded to help businesses hire better people by enabling them to use professional recruiters and pay their invoices in 6 easy monthly instalments (HirePay pays recruiter in full within 24 hours). HirePay’s solutions have turned this age-old dilemma into a win-win for all parties.

The HirePay founding team and its esteemed advisory board are made up of experienced individuals who are passionate about enabling companies to grow by hiring their dream candidates, enabling job seekers to find their ultimate role, using state of the art technology that simplifies the entire process.

We are proud to partner with BUTN to deliver our products and services to HirePay users.

To unlock business growth potential by improving the quality of the people engaged. Better people ... Better results!
To provide innovative funding tools that make it easier and more affordable for businesses to recruit the best available staff, consultants and contractors.

Easy - Everything we do is dedicated to making it easier for our clients, partners and staff to achieve the outcomes they are pursuing.

Expert - Our systems and processes are designed by people with substantial industry experience and expertise who are committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Fast - We use technology to make the application process as simple and fast as possible.

Responsive - Our people listen and respond to our customer's needs and take a long-term view of customer relationship development.

Use case:
Making professional Recruitment more affordable for SMEs
Making high quality Consultants more affordable for SMEs
Allows recruiters and consultants to receive 100% for any invoice in 24 hours
Providing 100% funding for Contract Labour Hire firms
Key benefit:
Better people. Better results!
Better Cashflow
Faster Growth
HirePay: The easiest way to grow your business
The Leadership Team
Meet our team of executives ready to help.
David Price
Chief Executive Officer , Co-Founder
Lisa Weinstein
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Tony Jacobson
Chief Executive Officer , Co-Founder
Alexander Simpson
Strategic Partnership Director, Co-Founder
Philip Belamant
Head of Tech & Products, Co-Founder
Sylvia Huang
Chief Information Officer
Paul Goldin
Strategic Partnerships Director, Co-Founder
Jonathan Hart
General Counsel
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