If your business is under cash flow pressure due to COVID-19, we are here to help. Find out more.

Hire Now.
Pay Later.

Use HirePay to get an advance for 100% of your recruitment,
labour hire, or professional service invoice in 24 hours.
Hire better and repay in monthly instalments.
Get approved in minutes
Be more affordable, get more sales.
Receive 100% of the funds you want in 24 hours.
We advance your recruitment / labour hire / professional service invoice value in full.
Repay later in one payment or in 3 or 6 monthly instalments.
Choose to repay in 30 or 60 days from invoice due date or over 3 or 6 monthly instalments.
One simple fee. No hidden surprises. No lock-in contract.
Our standard fees are 3% monthly and can be as low as 1.5% on a case by case basis.

Calculate your repayment

Input the invoice value
Input invoice due date

Choose your repayment schedule
Company email address
Full name
Get an estimate of your repayment schedule with HirePay fee and total repayment amount sent to your inbox.

HirePay Users Say:

We are a mining, tunnelling & construction company based across Australia. HirePay has helped us pay our employees their wages on time and enabled us to take on contracts, which wouldn't have been possible without this service and support. We would certainly recommend to HirePay to other businesses like ours.
Daniel Salter,
CEO, MTC Concepts Pty Ltd.
We were recently introduced to HirePay and offered their instalment payment option to a small number of clients as a test. It proved to be quick, simple and popular with our clients, so we quickly rolled it out and offer HirePay on all our invoices to all our clients. They also eliminated the problem of collections from a difficult client for us. I've recommended other agencies to HirePay and don't see why anyone wouldn't offer it to clients- lots of benefits and no downside.
Adam Weraksa,
Managing Director, W Talent.
HirePay has been nothing but amazing. Lisa, our superstar account manager, has been so helpful and quick to respond! They really are on your team! David, the CEO, has been nothing but extremely helpful and understanding during these tough times. They genuinely want to help you out and do everything in their power to do so! Highly recommended and will ALWAYS be my first go-to for quick funding.
William Du,
Co-founder, Disney X Short Story.
Have a question? Speak to a HirePay consultant at 1300 HIREPAY / 1300 44 73 72 or email info@hirepay.co